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Iced Coffee Makers! Squee!

I’ve been trying to (and miserably failing at) make a decent iced coffee at home for years. It’s just not as good when you make it hot and then chill it—not to mention, you have to be extremely patient to wait for it to chill and then drink it. I’ve always wanted an iced coffee maker but never saw one avaialble.

Until now!

I was browsing through those stupid, wasteful store inserts we get each week when I saw one and gasped. Could it be?

It turns out that you can find iced coffee makers pretty much anywhere you look. And why shouldn’t you? If it’s available in a place like McDonald’s, then it should totally be available for you to make at home, for sure.

If you’re in the market for an iced coffee maker, just search for one online and see what you can find. I haven’t bought one yet and can’t vouch for any particular brand, but once I do, you can bet I’ll be one happy camper.