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Christmas Gifts for Coffee Connoisseurs

What to get the pickiest drinkers


There are coffee drinkers and then there are coffee nuts. Most of us have at least tried the stuff. A fair majority of us are hooked on it. But there's a difference between someone who pops a capsule in the Keurig every morning and someone who takes the time to grind their own carefully chosen, organic, fair trade beans. These people wake up early just to savor the smell of the beans before they turn them into powder. They're always trying new, exotic blends imported from all over the world. They know not to keep coffee in the freezer and they probably scoff when you invite them to Starbucks. Maybe they're snobs, but we all need something we can feel like experts in. For those of you whose loved ones worship the bean, here are a few toys they might appreciate seeing in their stocking on Christmas morning.

Clever Coffee Dripper

While an electric coffee maker is standard for most of us, those who want to get the most out of their beans will probably have a drip cone of some kind. The problem with regular old drip cones is that the water flow becomes irregular when you simply pour hot water through the filter in spurts. You really should be pouring at a very slow, measured rate, but few people want to take the time to ensure even dripping time. That's where the Clever cone comes in. It features a stopper at the bottom to slow the water as it flows out of the cone and into the cup, making better, stronger coffee than a regular cone. It fits a #4 filter and is perfect for those who love the manual drip but wish they could control it a little better.


Aerolatte Frother

Unless you have way too much money, you and your loved ones probably don't have a full espresso bar built into your kitchen. Even if you do, you're probably not going to steam your milk in it just to make that perfect latte for yourself. But pick up the Aerolatte and suddenly you don't need a whole barista rig to make a foamy cup. Just insert this immersion frother into a cup of hot milk, stir it up, and pour it over freshly brewed espresso for a perfectly textured beverage.


Airscape Canister

Keeping your beans in a vacuum is key if you'd like to preserve flavor as long as possible. Give your caffeine junkie the perfect jar for their drug of choice. Its patented airtight lid will keep all that yummy in until it's ready to be brewed into delicious coffee.